The Purge 3: Election Year Movie Review

the purge 3

Well this series took a turn quickly, and not in a good way.

The Purge 3 is the newest installment in this series in which all crime is legal for a night.  This go around, Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) returns, this time protecting a senator who is fighting to get rid of the Purge.  This upsets some people a bit, naturally.

I actually really like the first 2 Purge movies and was excited for this one.  But oh boy, this movie is bad.  Really bad.  It has moments of promise, but in the end fails miserably.  Frank Grillo does his best and is fun to watch, just like he was in the second movie.  There are several decent actions scenes, and they were parts of the story that I felt like could have worked if they had been better executed.

But where this movie struggles big time is the writing and the dialogue.  It’s atrocious.  It felt like the writer (whose name I won’t bother wasting time to look up) was trying to make the characters talk like people would in real life, but has never actually heard people talk before.  I laughed out loud several times because of how bad the dialogue was. In addition, the movie gets a bit too political at times.  The previous movie toed the line on that and this one steps way over it and beats its message over your head.

There’s no point in going on with this anymore. The movie is bad and is not worth seeing.  It has enjoyable moments but all in all, don’t waste your time with it.  The Purge 3 gets a 1.75/5.

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