2016 San Diego Comic Con Trailers Recap

While I’m not a comic-con person in terms of ever going to one, there’s no denying how huge this past weekend is for movie fans. We usually get our first look at some movies we are highly anticipating.  This year was no different. So, here are my thoughts on some of the trailers that were released.


Kong: Skull Island

By far my favorite trailer of the weekend.  This movie looks awesome. Between the cast, the visuals, and the bits of action, this movie just moved towards the top of the list of movies I can’t wait for.  Based on the teases in here, King Kong is… well he’s huge.  Much bigger than previous versions.  He’s gonna need to be for his eventual matchup vs. Godzilla.

Justice League

After the disappointing Batman v. Superman, this movie has to be good for the DC Cinematic Universe to survive.  And boy, did this trailer surprise me.  It’s just a tease of getting the team together, but it has tons of good moments.  The scene with The Flash steals the trailer.  There’s also a ton of good humor in here, which is good to see after the ultra serious B v. S.

Blair Witch

Everything about this movie feels wrong.  Like the whole fact it apparently exists.  But man, it looks great.  I’m a big fan of the original Blair Witch movie and I like the concept of what this one is going for. It’s a modern horror movie, so there’s a solid chance it’ll let me down.  But for now I’m looking forward to this one.

Lego Batman

After how amazing The Lego Movie was, it is pretty easy to sell me on these.  This one seems similar to that one, other than the fact it just focuses on Batman.  But there’s a lot of the same kind of humor, which I really enjoyed.  The only worry I have is that the Batman focus will limit the movie too much.  The abundance of characters in The Lego Movie made it a lot more fun, so it’ll be interesting to see how this movie does.  Still loved the trailer though.

On the Fence

Wonder Woman

I know a ton of people loved this trailer.  I liked it, but I’m still not quite sold.  I need to see a little more.  It was hard for me to get a good feel for this one based on this trailer.  Chris Pine felt a little out of place and I couldn’t sense any chemistry between him and Gal Gadot.  There are a lot of good moments in this trailer, and the movie has potential. This trailer just didn’t quite sell me on it all the way.

Doctor Strange

While I liked this one more than the teaser trailer, I’m still not so sure about this one. It just kind of seems like a magic movie with lots of Inception-like imagery. It doesn’t seem to have the same feel as other Marvel films, which may be a good thing in the long run. The closing joke of the trailer completely misses the in my opinion.  It feels brutally cheesy.

Not a Fan

King Arthur

Maybe it’s the fact I don’t necessarily love movies based on this story, but I’m not excited for this one at all.  The trailer is very “ehh”.  Nothing in here intrigued me at all.  It’s gonna take a lot to get me in the theater for this one.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I think I have officially outgrown the whole Harry Potter thing.  While this isn’t an actual HP movie, it is a spinoff and I’m not very excited for it.  There is something in this trailer that makes me feel like the movie could end up surprising me, but at the same time I’m not anticipating it at all.

Let me know what you guys think of these trailers in the comments.