Star Trek Beyond Movie Review

star trek beyond

I thought replacing J.J. Abrams with Justin Lin would end in disaster.  Instead it only ended in… well a just ok movie.

Star Trek Beyond furthers the adventures of James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and the USS Enterprise in this rebooted series of the iconic franchise.  This time they must take on an evil alien (Idris Elba) from using a powerful weapon to- you guessed it- wipe out a whole bunch of people (aliens? lifeforms?).

I’m a big fan of these newer Star Trek movies.  I never got into the older movies. I have always been more of a Star Wars guys and find them a little overrated. I think that actually allows me to enjoy these ones a little more. While many people hated Into Darkness for being a virtual remake of Wrath of Khan, I loved it because I have less of an attachment to the original movies.  So despite the awful trailer for Beyond, I was still relatively excited for it. After seeing it, I was a bit let down.  It isn’t a bad movie, though, by any means.  There is plenty to like.  As with the other 2 recent movies, the visuals and action scenes are all fantastic.  The crew members all still have great chemistry and Chris Pine is still a great Captain Kirk.  For the most part, the movie is entertaining enough.  There’s plenty of humor and I can’t say I was ever bored watching it.

The real let down comes in the story.  It feels very generic and a little lazy. Part of the movie is just your by the numbers rescue mission and the villain’s motives are clichéd and a little weak.  Idris Elba is wasted in that role.  Him as a Star Trek villain had a lot of potential and this didn’t live up to that.  Where the movie goes is very predictable, almost to the point where I felt like I had seen it already.  That took me out of it a bit.  There are also a few things that are never explained and others that just don’t seem to fit.  Remember the weird dirt bike scene from the trailer? Yeah, that doesn’t make much more sense in the movie.

Overall, while I have problems with it, I didn’t hate this movie.  I had fun watching it and was entertained.  I just can’t help but wonder if J.J. Abrams could have turned this into a little something more.  It’s worth watching, but isn’t quite as good as the first two movies in the reboot.  I’ll give Star Trek Beyond a 3.4/5.

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