Jason Bourne Movie Review


Damon is back and there was no way it could be as bad as The Bourne Legacy.

In this newest installment of the Bourne Franchise, Jason Bourne takes on the CIA again, this time trying to find out what happened to his father and trying to take down another covert operations unit.

I actually enjoyed this movie a lot.  Matt Damon melts right back into his role as Bourne. It’s not that Jeremy Renner did a terrible job in Legacy. He’s actually one of the better parts of the movie.  But he doesn’t carry it like Damon does.  So that was nice to see again.  This movie also has two of the best, if not the best, action scenes in the franchise.  They were a blast to watch and very well executed.  The movie does some things different than the previous 3 and there were times the story did some unexpected things that kept me guessing.

The movie also has its fair share of problems.  While parts of the story kept me guessing, there were other parts that were very familiar and just felt like I was watching any of the previous 3.  I thought that some of those aspects were unnecessary to have in the plot at all.  There’s a good enough story in here by itself and I wish it would have focused more on that.  On a similar note, Alicia Vikander is in this movie and while she is great, as always, her character’s motivations don’t make a whole lot of sense.

There is a great movie in here somewhere.  But with the problems it has, it only ends up being pretty good.  There’s plenty to enjoy and I was definitely entertained. It’s better than Legacy and probably Supremecy, but I wouldn’t say it’s better than Identity or Ultimatum.  I’ll give Jason Bourne a 3.75/5.

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