Top 10 Tommy Lee Jones Movies

It looks like Tommy Lee Jones is all set to phone in another performance in the useless Mechanic sequel.  So I guess there’s not better time to look back at his career, one full of some extremely average movies. Yeah, I had to stretch a bit this week for my topic.  Anyway, let’s get to the list.

10. U.S. Marshals

– We’ll start with a very average sequel.  I don’t think it’s as bad as what many people say it is, but it definitely hurts itself by not being nearly as good as The Fugitive.

9. Volcano

– Going from a very average sequel to an equally as average disaster movie.  I think I still prefer Dante’s Peak in the battle of volcano movies that came out the same year.

8. No Country For Old Men

– Too low? Not to me. I don’t understand all the love.  Granted, I may need to give it a rewatch.

7. Rules of Engagement

– It has flashes of a really good movie.  Too bad a lot of it is just kind of boring.

6. The Hunted

– For some reason I really enjoy this one.  I’ve seen it a couple times and find it really interesting.  It’s also short so it is an easy watch.

5. JFK

– Great movie, but a relatively small part for Jones, so that’s why it isn’t higher.

4. Under Siege

– One of the best action movies of the ’90s and Jones plays a decent bad guy in this one.

3. Jason Bourne

– Considering this is only like the 3rd best Bourne movie and is number 3, it goes it goes to show how he doesn’t have a ton of great, stand-out movies.

2. Men in Black

– Gotta love it.  Him and Will Smith have great chemistry.

1. The Fugitive

– In my opinion, his one truly great movie.  One of the best ever.

Honorable Mentions: Criminal, Space Cowboys, MIB 3

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments.