Top 10 Denzel Washington Movies

My plan was to release this last week to coincide with the release of The Magnificent Seven, but unfortunately I didn’t have time.  This week I have some time, so here are my favorite Denzel Washington movies, with a list of Honorable Mentions nearly as long as the actual list.

10. Book of Eli

– A really cool post apocalyptic movie with an even better twist ending.

9. 2 Guns

– Not a great movie, but I always have a blast watching it due to Washington and Wahlberg’s chemistry.

8. Malcolm X

– I know many people will say this is too low, I just don’t love this movie.  I do, however, love his performance.

7. The Magnificent Seven

– The best part about having to release this a week late is I get to add this one to the list.  The movie is very entertaining and him and Chris Pratt are fantastic.

6. The Equalizer

– Just a good, clever action movie. Nothing overly special, but very enjoyable.

5. Inside Man

– One of the best heist movies ever with some great back and forth between Denzel and Clive Owen.

4. Crimson Tide

– I’m beginning to see a pattern of Denzel’s performance matched up with another performance making these movies great.  Here he joins Gene Hackman in a quite thrilling submarine movie.

3. Remember the Titans

– It’s my favorite football movie so I think it deserves to be this high.  There may be some nostalgia points there but they are points nonetheless.

2. Training Day

– Denzel as a bad guy works, and this movie proves it. King Kong ain’t got nothing on this movie.  But…

1. Man on Fire

– This movie does. I like it slightly more.  It just puts together everything that makes these other movies great.  It has a good story, a great performance, solid dialogue, and very good action scenes.

Honorable Mentions: Safe House, Deja Vu, John Q, The Bone Collector, The Siege, Courage Under Fire, The Pelican Brief, Glory

What are your favorite Denzel Washington movies? Let me know in the comments.