The Shallows Movie Review


Come on guys, you couldn’t have spent a little bit more money on making the shark look better?

The Shallows is about a young woman (Blake Lively) who follows in her mother’s footsteps to a little secret piece of surfing paradise.  Things don’t go as planned and she ends up being hunted by a very upset shark.

This movie is definitely no Jaws, but it is enjoyable.  First of all, it’s the perfect length at a little under 90 minutes.  Any longer would have made the movie drag a lot, because you can start to feel it at times at its current length. But there’s a lot to like.  It is a simple movie but there are some very tense moments that are well done and Blake Lively turns in a great performance.  The movie keeps you engaged the whole time, if nothing else.

Let’s talk about this shark for a second, more specifically the way it looks.  They clearly could have put a little more money and effort into it. There are times where it looks great, but there are other times where it makes the shark from Jaws look real and even the sharks from Sharknado look decent.  I mean it is downright awful at times.  It really pulled me out of moments that would otherwise be thrilling and intense. Besides the high school graphic design level shark, the movie also tries to make itself a little deeper in terms of plot elements, but really doesn’t succeed.  Those things feel shoehorned in.  They needed to either be developed more or left out completely because as they are, they just make you want to skip them and get back to the main story.

Overall the movie is still enjoyable and entertaining.  It’s definitely worth a watch for a fun 90 minutes if nothing else.  I’ll give the Shallows a 3.5/5.