Top 10 Mark Wahlberg Movies

I’m still a week behind on my Top 10 lists so this one is actually because of Deepwater Horizon that came out last week.  Marky Mark has come a long way with his acting and has a wide variety of really good movies that range from straight up action to Oscar winners (and almost as many based on a true story movies as Tom Hanks). Here’s the list and let me know your favorites in the comments:

10. Four Brothers

– It’s super over the top and cheesy at times, but taking that into account, it’s actually pretty good and worth watching.

9. The Perfect Storm

– I don’t love this one as much as a lot of people, but it’s pretty good as far as disaster movies go.

8. The Other Guys

– Kind of a guilty pleasure but I find it hilarious and fun.

7. 2 Guns

– Would you look at that, it makes a Top 10 list for the second straight week. It’s a fun action movie and who doesn’t love Wahlberg and Denzel together.

6. Shooter

– It’s a very solid action thriller that I’ve probably seen most often of any movie on the list.

5. The Italian Job

– This movie is extremely underrated and I can’t figure out why.  It’s got a great cast, is funny, has great stunts, and is very entertaining.

4. Deepwater Horizon

– His latest makes the Top 5.  It is a really solid movie and definitely work checking out.

3. The Fighter

– This was one that was better than I expected it to be when I watched it.  It’s a great boxing movie.

2. Lone Survivor

– Fought hard for number one but I just couldn’t quite get it there.  One of the best war movies made recently.

1. The Departed

– His part is small, but the movie wouldn’t be the same without him. Not to mention it got him nominated for an Oscar.