Siege at Jadotville Netflix Movie Review


Netflix’s most recent original movie shoots to be a Saving Private Ryan or Black Hawk Down.  But it misses the mark, and instead gives us some great action but is weak in other aspects.

The Siege at Jadotville is based on a true story involving a group of UN peacekeepers from Ireland who are sent to the Congo during the 1960s.  Jamie Dornan takes a break from beating and abusing women in 50 Shades of Grey to lead a bunch of no name and “I know that guy from somewhere” actors with sometimes unintelligible Irish accents. Together they have to fight off a bunch of mercenaries and Congolese rebels to save themselves during a coup.

The movie is entertaining without a doubt.  The story behind all of this is interesting to learn about, having never heard of it before.  The battle scenes are very well done and up there with some of the better war movies.  There are enough of them in the movie to keep you interested throughout some of the not so great moments of the movie.

These moments are really any time we aren’t with the fighters.  The background story isn’t explained very well at all.  It is discussed and described enough to be intriguing, but not fleshed out nearly enough.  I could never quite grasp why things were happening like they were and what exactly the movie was trying to explain and show.  I also wasn’t exactly sure who the enemy was and why they were fighting the Irish peacekeepers.

I don’t want to sound like I’m being too hard on the movie, because I did actually really enjoy it. I just think it could have done a better job explaining the overall story.  But during its stronger moments (ie. the battle scenes) the movie is great.  I recommend it for anyone who likes war movies or likes to learn about little known historical events.  I’ll give the Siege of Jadotville a 3.5/5.