Logan Trailer 1 Review

There have been a few trailers recently that have been really good, but I just haven’t gotten a chance to post about them.  But boy, we need to talk about this one. This movie looks fantastic.  You can barely even tell this is a superhero movie.  It just looks like a very well done film.  It’s just a trailer, but this movie moves towards the top of the list of my most anticipated films of next year.  I wasn’t all that excited about the movie before this trailer because the previous Wolverine movies have been disappointing.  But this trailer turned that around.  I love the tone and the feel of the movie.  I think the R-rating is going to help as well.  The trailer doesn’t go too deep into the plot, which is fine. It shows just enough but doesn’t make the mistakes so many other trailers do.  Sure, I’ve seen good trailers for bad movies before.  But based on this one, I’m very excited for Logan.  Check the trailer out below and let me know your thoughts.