The Accountant Movie Review


This is by far the best movie I’ve seen about an accountant.  Then again, it’s pretty much the only movie I’ve seen about an accountant.  And it’s also not so much about an accountant.  But still, the best one.

The Accountant stars Ben Affleck as a brilliant accountant who suffers from autism.  Some of his work involves some pretty bad people.  When one of these people double crosses him and tries to have him killed, he uses a special set of skills originally meant to help him cope with his autism to find those responsible and exact revenge.

This movie is great. There’s a lot of unexpectedly good action.  It’s like if Ben Affleck’s Batman was an autistic accountant who just went around shooting people in the head.  Affleck definitely channels some of that character during these action scenes.  The story is good, although some of the plot elements could have been fleshed out a little more or left out entirely.  Nevertheless, there are some very intriguing elements in here.  There is some room for a sequel or a prequel that I would be interested in because I want to learn more about these characters.  All of the performances are good and there are a couple good moments of comic relief.

The movie isn’t prefect.  It has some pacing issues and, as I mentioned before, the story has a couple issues.  I feel like it tries to do a little too much at times.  Characters also seem to disappear for long periods of times before reappearing again which makes it feel a touch choppy. There’s also a small twist that is predictable, though that may be on purpose.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie.  It is very entertaining and I was never bored throughout.  Despite a couple issues, I’m still going to give The Accountant a 4.25/5.

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