Don’t Breathe Movie Review


Maybe the horror genre isn’t completely hopeless after all.

Don’t Breathe is a horror thriller in which three teenagers break into a blind man’s home and attempt to steal a large sum of money from him. Unfortunately for them, the man has some secrets and is fully capable of preventing anyone from finding them out.

This movie was highly praised by many and for good reason.  It’s a solid little horror movie. The movie doesn’t follow the typical horror path going for lots of scares, however it is incredibly intense from start to finish without ever really letting up.  The movie locks into it’s story about 10 minutes in and locks you in right along with it.  It’s a short movie at an hour and a half and goes by very quickly. I think it was the perfect length for a movie like this.  All the actors do a fine job, despite the fact I only recognized the one who plays the blind guy.

The movie isn’t perfect.  There are some very plot-convenient things that happen a few times and can start to take you out of it a little. The movie also can’t seem to decide who it wants us to root for. In fact it gives us a ton of reasons to just hate everyone. This could be what the filmmakers were going for, but I prefer having a character I can relate to and get behind.  Everyone in this movie kind of sucks and are just terrible people (although some are worse than others). Some will appreciate this approach, I just don’t know that I was quite on board with it.

I don’t want to sound like I’m hating on the movie too much, because I actually really enjoyed it. It is definitely worth watching and adds the number of decent horror movies in 2016. This one isn’t overly scary, so it can also be enjoyed by those who aren’t big fans of the genre. Don’t Breathe gets a 4/5.