Hell or High Water Movie Review


I love bank robbery movies and I love westerns. As it turns out, putting them together is also pretty great.

Hell or High Water is about two brothers who hatch a plan to save their family’s ranch after their mother dies by robbing the bank that holds the loan for the land.

This movie is good in just about every way possible.  The story is excellently crafted, it is well directed, some good action scenes, and there a few unexpected twists with some emotional moments. The acting is fantastic with Chris Pine and Ben Foster having great chemistry as the brothers. Jeff Bridges does well as the Texas Ranger chasing them, although he is a bit hard to understand through his old man growl at times. The movie is very entertaining and the hour and 45 minute run time flies by.

My main complaint with the movie is the ending.  The last 10 minutes feels anticlimactic.  I don’t know that it pays off like it really could have.  The whole movie feels like it is heading for a big showdown that only halfway occurs. There are also a few plot points that could have been fleshed out a little more just to make things make a little more sense overall.  It would have benefited from being 10 minutes longer.

Those are really my only problems with the movie. It is definitely worth a watch, especially if you like these bank robbery kind of movies. The score was closer to a 5 before the end, but Hell or High Water will have to settle for a 4.25/5.