John Wick Chapter 2 Movie Review


Whoops. Saw this like a week ago and forgot to review it. But here we go, a little late.

John Wick Chapter 2 is the sequel to the surprisingly good John Wick. Still trying to get out of the assassin business, Keanu Reeves’s John Wick is drawn back in again. Lots of gunfights and headshots ensue and we have another solid entry into the franchise.

I enjoyed John Wick 2 a lot. It’s very entertaining from start to finish, just like the first movie. The unique action is plentiful and great. Both movies have some of the best gunfight scenes ever. The role of John Wick is some of Keanu’s best work. He’s perfect as the character. The movie is cheesy without a doubt but does have some genuinely humorous scenes. It also expands on the interesting world the first movie created.

As fun as it is, John Wick is weak in some aspects. The villain is forgettable and none of the characters are developed all that much. The plot is similar to the first movie and is just another revenge action thriller when it comes down to it.

Despite the issues, I had a blast watching this movie. If you liked the first one, you’ll probably enjoy this one too. If you didn’t, then this one most likely isn’t for you either. A fun way to kill a couple hours, I’ll give John Wick Chapter 2 a 4/5.

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