Logan Movie Review


Well the Oscars have come and gone and I’m still bitter Arrival wasn’t named best picture. But the good news is the summer movie season is fast approaching. In fact, apparently it starts in March now with Logan this week and King Kong next week. If only actual summer started in March…

Logan is the newest standalone Wolverine movie in the X-men universe in what is supposed to be Hugh Jackman’s last turn in the role. In this one Logan is reluctantly brought out of hiding to protect and elderly Charles Xavier and a young girl who has similar abilities to Logan.

After seeing such promising trailers for this one, I was very excited to see it. And while I was let down some, it is still a very good movie. If any superhero character other than Deadpool needed a R-rated movie, it was Wolverine. That added a lot to this one over the previous toned down PG-13 installments. With that said, the movie is extremely violent and not for those that can’t handle that kind of thing (ie. Don’t be stupid and bring the kids). Wolverine is Hugh Jackman’s career defining role and if it truly is his last time playing the character, he made it a good with a great performance. Patrick Stewart is as good as always, as is the young actress who plays the girl. The movie is entertaining for the most part and has some great action and fight scenes.

With all that said what I was most excited for in this movie is the fact it looked like it would transcend the superhero genre and become something more. It doesn’t quite succeed in this. Sure, it does feel much more like a western than a superhero movie, which I loved. However, I’m a casual X-men fan at best. I’ve seen all the movies but don’t particularly like any of them. I think they are alright. But even though I’ve seen all the movies, I had very little idea what was going on in this movie. I knew the primary characters but didn’t know who anyone else was or what the motivations of the characters were. That made the movie very hard to follow. What makes a movie like The Dark Knight so great is it can be enjoyed and understood by those who aren’t as familiar with superhero movies. It transcends the genre in that way. In order to enjoy Logan properly, I felt like you need to be very well versed in the previous movies and probably the comic books as well. That was the movie’s biggest problem and really the only major one. The movie is a bit repetitive and drags a bit. And the villain is relatively weak. But other than that, I don’t really have anything negative to say.

Though I spent most of this review talking bad about Logan, I did really enjoy it. Even if I didn’t necessarily understand what was going on, getting to see Wolverine tear through a bunch of bad guys in what is really more of an R-rated Western than anything was amazing. I enjoyed the movie, and those more familiar with X-men lore will enjoy it even more. Logan gets a 4/5.

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