Dr. Strange Movie Review

dr strange

I avoided seeing Dr. Strange in theaters because I was a little tired of superhero origin stories because they are pretty much all the same. Plus this one looked a little too odd and just not very interesting to me. But thanks to Redbox, I gave it a shot now. And it turns out this superhero origin story is… pretty much the same as all the other superhero origin stories.

Doctor Strange is the story of how Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) gets his powers during his recovery from a crippling accident. Did you know if you text and drive you could end up with magical powers? Me either.

I’ll be honest, I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. Benedict Cumberbatch is great as Dr. Strange (besides his odd accent). The action works really well, much better than I thought it would. There’s a lot of entertainment value in those scenes. There’s also a lot of really good humor in here. The comic relief adds a lot to the movie, as it does in a lot of Marvel movies.

The problems with the movie are the same ones that plague the other Marvel movies. The origin story isn’t anything new. In fact it’s strikingly similar to Iron Man. The villain is also weak and underdeveloped (stop me if you’ve heard all this before about a Marvel movie). The supporting characters are fine but forgettable. The story is also a bit hard to follow based on all the fancy made up magic words that are used and don’t make any sense.

Overall, the movie is exactly what it’s meant to be- a way to introduce another Marvel character. Nothing more, nothing less. Marvel fans, especially the comic fans, will enjoy it. It’s forgettable for others. For me, I’ll give Dr. Strange a 3.25/5.