Kong: Skull Island


Well, people that like seeing a giant monkey destroy helicopters are gonna love this one.

Kong: Skull Island is about an expedition to explore a previously uncharted island during the Vietnam war era. Obviously things don’t go quite as planned, because why would they when you do something stupid like go to an island shaped like a skull that is constantly surrounded by storms?  They encounter a bunch of unimaginable monsters, one of them being King Kong.

Like I said, certain people will love this movie for a very specific reason. I am close to being one of those. I think it is decent, but really only because of the monster action. It’s one of those movies you can just sit back, throw popcorn in your face, and enjoy. It’s a summer movie in March. I enjoyed watching the fight scenes between Kong and the humans, and between Kong and the other monsters.

The problem is the movie doesn’t offer a whole lot more than that. It tries for sure. It wants to be Apocalypse Now or Platoon meets King Kong. But it never reaches it. The story is weak, there is little character development, and some of the characters (namely Samuel L. Jackson’s character) are cartoonish and over the top.  The movie doesn’t live up to the potential it had. The island and other monsters aren’t explored enough. In the end, Kong: Skull Island feels rushed. There are things the movie could have done that it never does. It feels like it exists just to introduce Kong for Godzilla to fight in a future movie.

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for those that just want a fun action movie. There’s a lot to enjoy. It is disappointing based on the fact it could have been a great movie overall, rather than a great monster action movie only. But it entertained me and is my favorite King Kong movie so far. I’m excited for the match up between him and Godzilla. Kong: Skull island gets a 3.75/5.