Wonder Woman Movie Review

wonder woman

Despite what the reviews say, once again, another movie this year turns out rather lackluster and disappointing.

Wonder Woman is yet another superhero origin story, this time of a powerful woman who is part God, I guess? The exact origins are murky, as are what exactly her powers are. But she’s powerful, has a magic sword, whip, and shield, is good at fighting, and wears a skimpy outfit. So that’s cool?

After reading such positive reviews, I was very much looking forward to seeing this movie that is supposed to be the savior of the DC Cinematic Universe. And I ended up enjoying… parts of it. Some of the action scenes are cool, despite some way-overused slow motion. Are we sure Zack Snyder didn’t direct the action scenes? Anyway, it’s easily Gal Gadot’s best performance yet and Chris Pine is fun to watch. Everyone else is relatively forgettable.  One notable difference from the past DC movies is some great humor. There are quite a few genuinely funny scenes, which was refreshing and one of the best parts of the movie.

As entertaining as parts of it were, the movie has a lot of problems in my, apparently unpopular, opinion. Some have been listed above (slow motion and forgettable side characters). Others include a weak villain (what a surprise) and a story that isn’t fleshed out enough. It also just feels like every other superhero movie, particularly the climax. It’s just two superhumans with unexplained powers flying through the air punching each other. The climax is also SUPER loud, distractingly so.

All in all, Wonder Woman is entertaining but not as good as I was expecting. It has some good aspects, but overall had very little differences than any of the other 57 superhero movies of the last few years. I’m still interested to see if the DC Cinematic Universe is able to survive and where it goes from here. 3.25/5 for Wonder Woman.