The Wall Movie Review

If nothing else, this movie’s got the intensity factor for sure.

The Wall follows two Marines, played by Aaron Taylor Johnson and John Cena, as they come under attack by an enemy sniper. What follows is an intense game of cat and mouse as the Marines try to survive.

This was a surprisingly solid movie. It isn’t great by any means, but is a very good way to kill an hour and a half on a Saturday night. The movie is extremely intense and does a good job of putting you into the middle of the situation and make you feel like you are trying to survive with the characters. A lot of that had to do with the sound. It’s very quiet with the exception of some talking and an occasional gun shot, each as startling as the last. While I think the movie would have succeeded more with different people in the lead roles, Aaron Taylor Johnson actually impressed me. He does a very serviceable job in the role and was actually believable as someone just trying to survive.

While Aaron Taylor Johnson impressed, John Cena was… well John Cena. He’s the opposite of The Rock in trying to transition from wrestling to acting. None of his movies are good and he’s worse in them. He’s not believable at all and it definitely takes you out of the movie. This movie gets instantly better with someone else in the role. In addition, the movie lacks in any sort of depth. We don’t really get to know the characters at all, although the movie clearly tries to go that route a couple times. It just never really succeeds in that respect. The dialogue has its ups and downs and feels cheesy and out of place at times.

Overall, the movie does what it needs to do and that’s be entertaining through it’s short runtime. I’d recommend giving it a watch, particularly if you have Amazon prime, where it’s streaming for free. The Wall gets a 3.5/5.