Thor Ragnarok Movie Review


Best Marvel movie, like some are saying? Nah. Best Thor movie yet? Easily.

Thor Ragnarok is the 226th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the 435th superhero movie of the past 3 years. This one follows Thor in his third standalone feature, this time trying to make his way back home to save it from his evil sister. Oh, and he teams up with the Hulk, because… why not i guess?

Thor Ragnarok is exactly what everyone else that has reviewed it says it is- it’s fun. There’s not a whole lot of substance but fortunately it doesn’t need it. Actually, it’s very Guardians of the Galaxy-esque. The story is basic but there’s a ton of humor, action, and … colors. So. Many. Colors. But anyway, Chris Hemsworth is solid again as Thor and Hulk is a nice addition. The back and forth between them is some of the best humor in the movie. There are also some really good fight scenes both between them and with them teaming up.

The biggest problem with the movie is the same problem most of the other Marvel movies have- the villain is weak and boring. While Cate Blanchett is good, her character is just not interesting. I didn’t care about what was happening when the villain was doing her thing. Speaking of villains, Loki is in this movie… again. And I’m getting pretty tired of his switching between being a good guy and bad guy a million times. In addition and somewhat to be expected in a movie like this, not all of the humor hits. There are scenes that are not nearly as funny as they think they are.

I don’t want to sound like I’m hating on the movie too much. Overall, it is very entertaining and a lot of fun to watch. I recommend it to superhero movie fans. However, I don’t think it’s one for the average movie goer. Thor Ragnarok gets a 4/5.