Justice League Movie Review

justice league

Wow, a DC movie that I didn’t find completely underwhelming and disappointing.

In Justice League, some of DC’s most famous superheroes including Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, and Cyborg, team up to stop Earth’s next great threat- A CGI video game character named Steppenwolf. Pretty sure it’s not the “Magic Carpet Ride” band but still waiting for confirmation on that.

With Justice League, DC really starts moving in the right direction. You could argue that started with Wonder Woman, but I was not as big of a fan as everyone else was.  I actually found this one very entertaining. Even though I’ve never been into comic books, it was cool to see all these characters together. I enjoyed all of the characters a lot, and they all had great chemistry as the team. This movie has a lot more lighter moments than the previous ones and the humor added a lot. A good portion of it actually landed. Most of the action scenes are fun and entertaining. The score is also really great.

The movie is not without a lot of flaws, however. The plot, particularly the first couple acts, is a bit of a mess and feels choppy. In a world of movies that are too long, here we have one that’s too short. It’s a touch under 2 hours and an extra 20 minutes or so would have really helped expand on the story and characters and make it feel more cohesive. And we also have this villain. He’s a pure CGI creation the looks like he’s straight from a boss battle in some fantasy video game. He’s underdeveloped and just generally boring. Obviously, we were spoiled by Heath Ledger’s Joker, and I don’t know that we’ve had a really solid villain in a comic book movie since then.

Overall, I was impressed by Justice League and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Hopefully the future of the franchise can build on this entry. I’m hoping when it is released on Blu-ray, they include some sort of extended or director’s cut. The movie could benefit from that. The score could increase if they do that and it’s solid, but for now Justice League gets a 3.75/5. It’s probably my favorite from the weak DC universe so far.