Future of Jordan’s Movie Guide

When I started this in June 2015, I just thought it was going to be a place to rant about movies in a place for my friends and family to look at. It ended up far surpassing anything I could have thought at the time. The last 6 months or so, I have not had the time, or the passion, or enough good movies, to update the site quite as much and the popularity has gone down with it. Because of that, I spent some time thinking about changing things up. And I came up with a solution.

The bad news is Jordan’s Movie Guide will no longer be around. But there is plenty of good news. The first is that the name is merely changing to better suit the future plans of the site. Most of you, especially those that personally know me, know that I am a police officer as my day job. My new goal for the site is to bring more of that into here. I want it to be a place where officers in my departments, and other departments, to come and talk things that aren’t work related. With that, I want those that aren’t police officers to see us in a different setting and that we aren’t all about writing tickets and making arrests. We have a lot of other outside interests.

The second bit of good news is that it won’t just be my opinion you are seeing all the time. Several new writers, all police officers as well, are coming on board to post content. I’m hoping this number continues to expand.

Finally, the content and scope within the site is going to be expanded as well.  In addition to movie reviews and other movie related posts, I’m hoping we can move into the world of TV and video games, as well as other entertainment-related content in the future. We have also briefly discussed the idea of doing some reviews in a video/audio format on YouTube, but that is still a little ways off.

I’m excited about the changes and hope you guys will be too. I hope all those that currently follow the site will continue to do so. Please, welcome the new writers as they start posting things in the coming weeks. As Jordan’s Movie Guide becomes the Police Entertainment Network, it may look a little different. But, I hope it still brings everything you guys have enjoyed in the past.

Thanks and stay tuned.