Jordan’s Top 10 Favorite Movies

With the changeover from Jordan’s Movie Guide to the Police Entertainment Network pretty much complete, it’s time for some new content. I figured the best way to start is by talking about favorite movies. The new writers will be releasing their own lists in the coming weeks, but I’ll kick things off with mine. I did one of these about 2 and a half years ago when I first started, but some things have changed. Here’s the list:

10. Casino Royale- Though Skyfall is a close second, Casino Royale is my favorite Bond movie and takes the final spot on this list.

9. Raiders of the Lost Ark- Another one where I almost like a sequel better, this one just beats out Last Crusade for the main reason that I have revisited it significantly more often.

8. Top Gun- Speaking of something I revisit all the time, I’ll never turn down watching this one.

7. Saving Private Ryan- My favorite war movie, which is kind of a weird sentence actually.

6. The Shawshank Redemption- I put off watching this for a long time, but was absolutely blown away when I did.

5. A Few Good Men- Best dialogue of any movie on this list by far.

4. The Dark Knight- Despite the 486 superhero movies that have come out since this, none come close to being as good.

3. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back- While I love The Force Awakens more than most, this one is still the best in the series.

2. Jurassic Park- Probably my most watched movie on here. I’ve loved it since probably before I could talk.

1. Die Hard- It’s the basis for every action movie that’s come out since. And none can match it. Oh, and yes it is a Christmas movie.

Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know.