Top 10 Star Wars Music Themes- Jordan

Star wars week continues with another top 10 list. One of the best parts of Star Wars, believe it or not, is the music. This list looks at that. I’ve included the actual music through YouTube, but don’t own the rights to any of it.

10. Battle of the Heroes

Despite the prequels being mostly, well just bad, John Williams adds some great music. This is exactly that. Taking place during the battle between Anakin and Obi-wan, it adds to the emotional intensity of the fight.

9. March of the Resistance

I think The Force Awakens soundtrack is underrated and this list reflects that. First up from that movie is this heroic tune.

8. Kylo Ren’s Theme

While nowhere near as good or recognizable as the Imperial March, it’s solid and intimidating, a worthy addition to the list.

7. Rey’s Theme

To oppose the villain, we have Rey’s jolly and catchy theme.

6. Han and Leia’s Theme

Ahh love is in the air. One of the more recognizable romantic themes out there.

5. Force/Luke’s Theme

The best hero character theme, thus far.

4. The Throne Room

After the galaxy is saved in the original movie, this fantastic number comes up. Despite really just being a different version of the main theme, it just feels like victory and deserves its own spot on the list.

3. The Imperial March (Vader’s Theme)

The best of the character themes. It feels dark and intimidating from the first note.

2. Duel of the Fates

This piece of music, as well as the fight that takes place during it, is the only thing that saves The Phantom Menace from being complete garbage. It’s flat out great.

1. The Main Star Wars Theme

You can’t beat this one. There’s nothing quite like seeing the “A long time ago in a galaxy in a galaxy far, far away” fade to black before the horns blare and the logo pops up. It gives me a good feeling every time.

There’s no shortage of great John Williams music in the Star Wars film and I without a doubt left some off. Let me know what should have been included in the comments.

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