Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom Trailer Review

Well, the magic from Jurassic Park is clearly completely gone now. Jurassic World didn’t have much of it, but was still a relatively enjoyable movie. So after 2 sequels originally and a reboot, how do they decide to top the previous installments? BY BLOWING UP THE ISLAND. Seriously. Based on the trailer that’s all this movie is. It’s a disaster movie with dinosaurs. There’s no Jurassic Park left in these movies. It’s just explosions and dinosaurs. And then you have Bryce Dallas Howard’s character who only thought of the dinosaurs as “assets” in the last movie who apparently now cares enough to go to the island and save them. It doesn’t make any sense.

I feel like there’s a kind of cool story somewhere in there about whether the genetically engineered dinosaurs deserve to be protected like actually animals. It just doesn’t feel like it’s executed well. And why in the world would they send Howard and Chris Pratt to save them anyway? There has to be more qualified people for that. Plus, taking dinosaurs off the island has worked so well in the past so it’s obviously a brilliant idea…

Even if I separate this from Jurassic Park in my head, this movie still just seems like it is going to be a mess. Hopefully there’s some good things we just haven’t seen yet, or at the very least some good dinosaur action. I mean I’m not opposed to shoving popcorn in my face and watching dinosaurs fight, but that doesn’t make a movie good. I’ll hold out hope that the movie will surprise me because I love Jurassic Park so much. But this trailer is not a good start. I’ve attached it below if you wanna suffer through 2 minutes of your life.