Stranger Things Season 2 Review- Jordan

This show thinks it can play on my ’80s nostalgia for me to enjoy it, but joke’s on them, I’m a ’90s baby…. Oh, who am I kidding- I love all of the ’80s movie references and classic rock tunes.

In Stranger Things Season 2, we are taken back to the town of Hawkins where Will has new visions that become a reality. His friends, Police Chief Hopper, and Eleven must battle a new evil from the Upside Down.

The best analogy I can come up with is that Season 2 of Stranger Things is to Season 1 as Aliens is to Alien. More doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a lot better or a lot worse, but it does make it very different. Where Season 1 is much more of a tense mystery with horror elements, Season 2 plays into that a lot less, in exchange for a more action oriented season. The key elements that most people loved from the first season are still there, however. All of the performances are good, particularly from the kids. They all have good chemistry together and are believable. Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, is a standout and has a bright future ahead of him, as evidenced by his performance in this as well as this year’s IT. The story is still very interesting, and the Upside Down is a neat concept that I enjoy exploring. The action scenes in this season, which are plentiful, are well done, tense, and entertaining.

My main problem with this whole season is Eleven’s whole arc. I wasn’t on board with that and found myself tuning out whenever the show focused on it. As in any show, some episodes are better than others, but I wish this season would have spent a little more time building on the mystery and suspense, like the first season did.

Overall, Stranger Things Season 2 is a very good addition to this universe. While I prefer the mystery and horror elements of the first season, any fan of the show should enjoy this season. It still has the elements that has made it so good already. I’ll give Season 2 a 4/5.

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