Wind River Review- Jordan

Now is the time of year when I try and catch up on a bunch of movies I missed, prior to doing my Top 10 of the year list. First up is a movie that features the most accurate depiction of someone getting OC’d that I’ve ever seen in a movie.

Wind River is a crime drama/mystery following a Wildlife officer (Jeremy Renner) who finds the body of a woman who had been raped and murdered. A young FBI agant (Elizabeth Olson) is called in to assist with the investigation.

I’ve seen this movie featured on several “best of the year” lists, so my expectations were pretty high. It met and exceeded them. This is a really, really good crime movie. It is tense and thought provoking throughout. This is easily Jeremy Renner’s best performance since The Hurt Locker. His character is developed really well throughout. Elizabeth Olson is also solid, though I think she is miscast here. The movie is written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, a name you should remember for the future. Sheridan wrote both Sicario and last year’s Hell or High Water, some of the best movies in the last decade. This movie feels similar to both. While the movie focuses on the crime and mystery, which is great and has some really good twists, there are also a couple extremely well done shootouts in here. Those, again, feel similar to those seen in the 2 movies previously mentioned.

I have to dig deep to find problems with the movie. As I said, I think Olson is miscast and her character is not developed quite enough. The movie does take a little dip in the middle. It also takes a little too long to end and drags on for a little bit. A few minutes off the end and added in other parts of the movie to flesh things out a little better would have suited the movie more.

Those are all small flaws in an otherwise great movie. It is a bit brutal and violent in moments, but if you are into other crime movies, I definitely recommend this one. Wind River gets a 4.5/5.

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