2018 NFL Playoff Predictions- Jordan

The NFL playoffs start today, a fact I had actually completely forgotten about. I find myself caring significantly less this year considering how bad my Broncos are. But regardless, there’s some good football coming up, so here are my picks. I’m sure they will be completely wrong.


(5)Tennessee Titans vs. (4) Kansas City Chiefs- Chiefs

(6) Buffalo Bills vs. (3) Jacksonville Jaguars- Jaguars

(6) Atlanta Falcons vs. (3) LA Rams- Rams

(5) Carolina Panthers vs. (4) New Orleans Saints- Saints


(4) Kansas City Chiefs vs. (1) New England Patriots- Patriots

(3) Jacksonville Jaguars vs. (2) Pittsburgh Steelers- Steelers

(4) New Orleans Saints vs. (1) Philadelphia Eagles- Eagles

(3) LA Rams vs. (2) Minnesota Vikings- Rams

Conference Championship

(1) New England Patriots vs. (2) Pittsburgh Steelers- Patriots 

(1) Philadelphia Eagles vs. (3). LA Rams- Rams

Super Bowl LII

New England Patriots vs. LA Rams- Patriots

I really hope I’m wrong with that pick, but I just don’t see anyone beating them. I love what McVay has done with the Rams and think the have a lot of potential with Goff. I think they can make it to the big game, but not enough to beat the Patriots. But that’s why they play the games. Let me know your picks in the comments.

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