Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle review- Doug

Making Jumanji into a video game was a must needed upgrade from the 1995 film. Let’s be honest, no high school student now a days is going to pick up a board game. But does this movie stand equal to the original or is it just another Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart comedy?

I will say that if you don’t play video games, you might not understand some of the comedy. An example is that the A.I. In video games repeat themselves over and over. Well so does some of the A.I. in this movie. Also, each of the characters have their own strengths and weaknesses. Dwayne Johnson of course has no weakness, and Kevin Hart has a list of them. The film did a good job making you believe you were watching a video game.

Okay now for the performances… Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart basically are themselves in every comedy they have ever been in. Jack Black in my opinion stole the movie. Jack Black plays a  16 year old girl who is all about herself and is a social media princess. Seeing him thinking as a teenage girl was priceless.

This new Jumanji for me was pretty plain overall. I was never amazed and thought that I had to see it again. It’s just another comedy that I will watch on Netflix if I’m bored. I rate Jumanji 6.5/10

Jordan’s Jumanji Review