Insidious The Last Key Review- Jordan

They should really just make all horror movies rated R to lessen the amount of teenagers in the theater. Movie going audiences are brutal these days.

Insidious The Last Key is the last movie newest movie in the Insidious franchise. This is a prequel to the first Insidious, following Elise as she returns to her childhood home to free it from a demon that has tormented her for her whole life.

The Insidious movies have really struggled after James Wan left the franchise after the second movie. The third completely falls apart after the first twenty minutes and was actually one of the reasons I started reviewing movies. This one is more of the same, without the decent first twenty minutes. Right off the bat it is mostly cheap jump scares with no tension at all. There are a ton of horrible attempts at humor, almost all of which fall flat. I think the movie is going for a “real life monsters exist and are what you should really fear” type theme, but never achieves what it wants. If it worked more towards that instead of the route it ended up taking, it would have been a better movie.

As is, there isn’t a whole lot that I took away from this one. There is one really great scene that builds a lot of tension, following it with a solid payoff, and also some good callbacks to the original. But the movie doesn’t offer anything new. The horror genre has started making a comeback over the last 5 years or so with movies like The Conjuring and its sequel, IT, and even the first two Insidious movies. But there will always be some bad ones mixed in and this one falls into that category. They should stop with this one, but I doubt they will. You won’t miss much if you skip Insidious The Last Key. I give it a 2.5/5.

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