Game Night Review- Jordan

It’s been a while since a really good comedy has come out. This one changes that.

Game Night is about a group of friends who get together every week to play games. One week, they change things up and decide to play a “murder mystery” game. However, they end up getting caught up in a real life murder mystery and have to figure out what is real, and what isn’t.

When I first saw the trailer for Game Night, I didn’t think it looked that great. But I decided to give it a shot when I saw that it was getting decent reviews. I’m glad I did because I laughed a ton in this movie. I’m not a huge fan of most comedies because my sense of humor doesn’t usually match up with the jokes on screen. This movie has some really funny moments that had the whole theater laughing. The directors/writers are the same guys that wrote Horrible Bosses and it feels a lot like that movie, in a good way. Jason Bateman is at the top of his game and all of the actors have really good chemistry together. The story is really good with some twists that I didn’t see coming. There are also a ton of movie references that movie lovers will pick up on and identify with.

As with any comedy, not all of the humor works. There are some ongoing jokes that are played on a little too much. There are a few storylines that are introduced but never really get paid off. The movie also tries to get deep at the end with its theme, but it doesn’t quite hit as hard as they wanted it to. It works decently, but it wasn’t developed enough to completely work.

In the end, a comedy should be judged by how funny it is, and this one is very funny. The trailers don’t do it justice. It is a perfect date night movie and I can recommend it to anyone that has already seen Black Panther and wants to see something else in theaters. I’ll give Game Night a 4/5.

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