Movie March Madness Round 2 Results + Sweet 16 Voting

As the basketball bracket is being announced this evening, we are moving into the Sweet 16. Round 2 did not disappoint in the March Madness upsets and craziness. Three (!!!) number 1 seeds and 2 number 2 seeds fell, while 3 matchups ended coming down to 2 votes or less. Jaws took out Lawrence of Arabia by an astonishingly large number and 11 seed Die Hard is the lowest remaining seed after a convincing win over 3 seed Apocalypse Now. While I disagree with the way some of the voting has gone, there is no doubt this bracket is still wide open for anyone to come out on top. Well except for the movies already eliminated, obviously. Here is a full breakdown of the Round 2 results, followed by voting for the Sweet 16.


8. 2001: A Space Odyssey over 1. 12 Angry Men

7. Jaws over 2. Lawrence of Arabia

9. Terminator 2 over 1. Rear Window

6. Alien over 3. Goodfellas

7. The Departed over 2. Citizen Kane

8. No Country for Old Men over 1. Casblanca

11. Die Hard over 3. Apocalypse Now

Closest Matches:

The Godfather Part 2 (50.4%) over Back to the Future (49.6%), Alien (50.4%) over Goodfellas (49.6%), and The Shawshank Redemption (50.9%) over Silence of the Lambs (49.1%)

Biggest Blowout:

Jaws (87.2%) over Lawrence of Arabia (12.8%)

Vote below to narrow the field to the Elite 8. Voting in this round will be open until 3/16:

***Voting has ended. See the winner here.***

If you are just finding this, here is how the bracket was created.

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