Movie March Madness CHAMPIONSHIP Voting

Well as much as your votes have surprised me during this tournament, I shouldn’t be shocked that the Final Four matchups ended the way they did. While I thought The Shawshank Redemption was the movie to beat at this point, The Dark Knight took it down. It was relatively close with The Dark Knight taking 56.8% of the votes over Shawshank’s 43.2%. What wasn’t close was the matchup on the other side. Die Hard had quite the Cinderella run as an 11 seed (underrated for sure) with wins over Unforgiven, Apocalypse Now, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. However, the force was strong with The Empire Strikes Back and Die Hard’s tournament has been ended. The buzzsaw that was Star Wars took over 80% of the vote in the victory. And with that we have our Championship matchup:


Two number 4 seeds face off to determine who is Champion of Police Entertainment Network’s Movie March Madness. While far better movies are probably more deserving of the title, I’m fine with either of these. I love both and they are great movies. Vote below for who you think should take the crown:

***Voting has ended. See the winner here.***

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