Movie March Madness Winner

64 movies were around when the bracket started. 2 remained at the end. You guys picked The Empire Strikes Back and The Dark Knight to face off for the championship- 2 of the most influential movies in their respective genres. It doesn’t hurt that they both also have 2 of the best villains in movie history. But which of these is better? Well, you guys voted and with 55.9% of the votes, the winner of Police Entertainment Network’s Movie March Madness is………

It’s hard to fault you guys for that pick. The Empire Strikes Back is a fantastic movie and its mark can be seen on so many movies that have been made since. The Dark Knight actually took an early lead in the voting, but Empire soon took over and held a close, yet fairly comfortable lead the remainder of the time. I want to thank everyone that participated and voted in this thing. It was a blast to see which movies advanced each round, even if I disagreed with the results many times. I suspect we will do similar brackets sometime in the future. But for now, The Empire Strikes Back is our champion.