Rampage Review- Jordan

This might be the stupidest movie I’ve ever seen. But it sure was enjoyable.

Rampage is based loosely on the original arcade game. In this version a genetic experiment goes wrong, causing several animals- an albino gorilla, a wolf, and an alligator- to mutate and grow exponentially. The Rock plays a primatologist who trained the albino gorilla, named George, and must find a way to work with him to defeat the other 2 monsters.

This movie doesn’t make a lick of sense. I literally found myself shaking my head and laughing at certain parts that were dumb and/or convenient. The story is simple at its best and paper thin at its worst. The villains are easily the worst I’ve seen on screen this year. Besides being caricatures of any sort of real person, they are also just underdeveloped and evil for the sake of being evil rather than having any sort of logical aspirations. If you’re looking for a bathroom break, just pick any time they are on screen.

But if you showed up to see Rampage, you came to see giant monsters fighting. And when that is happening on screen, the movie really works. Those actions scenes are awesome and the effects are really strong. There are several scenes spread out throughout the movie that at least keep you entertained throughout the rest of the muddling narrative. Another thing that keeps you going through the movie is The Rock’s charm and charisma. He is a movie star that just keeps improving and I can’t wait to see his next¬† 7 projects that will be released this year I’m sure.

Overall, Rampage is a weak movie that is saved only by its action scenes and the presence of Dwayne Johnson. As far as “video game movies”¬† go, last month’s Tomb Raider was probably a better constructed movie, but this one is definitely more enjoyable at times. The monster fight scenes in this one just barely get is to a positive score, a 3/5 for Rampage.

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