Deadpool 2 Review- Jordan

Josh Brolin is having a heck of a summer isn’t he? First as Thanos in Infinity War, then as Cable in this, and later on he has Sicario 2 coming out. Not bad at all.

Deadpool 2 sees everyone’s favorite vulgar, ultraviolent superhero return with an always charismatic Ryan Reynolds back behind the mask and burn scars. With the help of some new and returning team members, he must stop a what is basically a Terminator from the future named Cable from killing a teenager who shoots fire from his hands. Yes, it is as crazy as you would think.

Deadpool was a surprise hit a few years back and is a movie I enjoy quite a bit.  The sequel follows in its footsteps and is quite enjoyable itself. The movie is bigger and more expansive than the first, which is good and bad. Ryan Reynolds is still perfect in the title role. Cable, when he is actually in the movie, is a great villain with Josh Brolin turning in his second fantastic performance of the summer. He steals pretty much any scene he is in.  Like Thanos, the character has more depth and layers than it would seem on the surface. The action scenes are well done, if you can handle a little violence and gore. If you enjoy the meta humor and dirty jokes of the first movie, this one has plenty of that as well. I found a lot of the jokes hit and had some good laughs while watching the movie. The movie also makes some interesting decisions story-wise that kept me intrigued.

The movie is far from perfect and I think falls a little short in living up to completely living up to its predecessor. Like I said before, it is bigger which takes away from the personal feel of the first movie. It seems to lack a focus at times and some of the scenes don’t seem to connect like they should. Cable is underused and doesn’t quite live up the his potential as the villain. I would have preferred to have him in more scenes to flesh out that character even more. Also, while many of the jokes land, I feel as if they are a bit forgettable. I struggle to remember many of those funny scenes, whereas I can remember a whole bunch from the first one.

Overall, I really enjoyed Deadpool 2. It isn’t quite as good as the first, but is entertaining nonetheless. I can’t recommend it to everyone, but if you liked the first movie, you will probably be on board with this. If you do see it, stay for the post credit scenes. Those were probably the funniest parts of the movie. Deadpool 2 gets a 4/5.

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