Solo: A Star Wars Story Review- Jordan

My biggest question going into this movie was “Is this movie really necessary”. Unfortunately my biggest question coming out of this movie was “Was this movie really necessary”.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is an origin story of sorts for the famous character of Han Solo. We follow a younger version of the smuggler, years before his heroics of the original Star Wars trilogy.

I went into this movie with really low expectations and somehow was ultimately still disappointed. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy aspects of this movie. It’s beautifully shot and some of the action scenes are extremely well done. Ron Howard deserves a lot of credit for turning around the troubled production and creating the movie he did. Alden Ehrenreich was given the nearly impossible task of living up to Harrison Ford’s original performance and he does… an ok job at best. There are some scenes where he really does embody the character, and while those scenes are a minority, he does deserve some credit for that. One guy who does a fantastic job of embodying a character we already knew was Donald Glover. He nails his performance as Lando and he also has some good chemistry with Ehrenreich. Chewbacca is another character who I enjoyed seeing again on scene, with him having some good scenes with Ehrenreich as well. I also will never complain about seeing the Millennium Falcon on screen.

My praises for the movie unfortunately end there. The one thing I was excited for was to see some of the things that are mentioned in the original movies like the Kessel Run, how Han got the Millennium Falcon, how he met Chewbacca, etc. And the movie does show most of these and more. Unfortuantely, my feelings on how these things are portrayed range from indifferent at best to downright hating some of them. I found myself not really caring about the story itself and caring even less about the new characters that were introduced. I saw pretty much any twist the movie tried to make coming from a mile away. That is with the exception of one quick cameo that I won’t spoil here. I didn’t see that coming but it feels out of place and wasted. So much more could have been done with that character had they chosen to do so. There also isn’t really a main villain, and surely not a good one. The movie feels like it goes out of its way to set up a sequel, when really it should have tried harder to just be a good standalone movie.

All in all, Solo does have enjoyable and entertaining moments. But overall, the movie feels like a miss and a wasted opportunity. It is worth seeing for Star Wars fans but keep your expectations low. Solo barely squeezes its way to a 3/5.

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