Tag Review- Jordan

Tag is the (unbelievably) true story of a group of friends who get together every May to play the same game of tag they have been playing since they were kids. One of them (played by Jeremy Renner) has never been tagged and the group sees the perfect opportunity during the week of his wedding.

I’m not the biggest fan of comedies, but the last few I’ve seen (Jumanji, Game Night, and this) have actually really impressed me. I had a good time with Tag. It doesn’t disappoint with the laughs, including one scene that had me doubled over in my chair laughing so hard. There are some moments where you hear what Renner’s character is thinking which are clever and fun. I’ve never really liked Hannibal Buress in movies or even in his stand-up, but he might steal the show. His deadpan delivery of his jokes was great. In addition to the humor, the movie also has a good message and has some heartfelt moments that work almost as well as the comedy.

One thing I wish the movieĀ  had spent more time on is developing the game a little more. It shows video of the actual people the movie is based on during the credits and there were a lot more scenarios that could have been in the movie. That would have allowed us to get to know the characters a little more. The movie dips in the middle and some stuff could have been cut out there to add more scenes in the beginning. It also feels like the movie doesn’t try and make any of it’s characters likable in the slightest. Pretty much no one does a single redeemable thing, and usually they do the complete opposite. Which might be the point, but I feel the movie does suffer because of it.

Overall, Tag is a strong comedy with some heartfelt moments that occasionally lacks in its execution. I found myself enjoying it quite a bit. I don’t think you need to hit the theaters to see it as it could be enjoyed just as much at home. Tag gets a 3.75/5 from me.

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