Peppermint Review- Jordan

In Peppermint, Jennifer Garner stars as a female Frank Castle who seeks revenge on a drug cartel responsible for the death of her family.

Though it follows the beats of any other revenge thriller, Peppermint ends up being an entertaining enough action movie. Garner carries it with a strong performance as a believable antihero. I’d like to see her in more action-heavy roles. Speaking of the action, it is plentiful in the movie. It’s well done for the most part, and there’s enough of it for the movie to keep from being boring at any point. This has the same director as Taken, and that’s pretty evident, especially in the action scenes. He knows how to set up a shootout but the hand to hand fights seems a little choppy and shaky.

If you’re looking for an Award winning movie, I hope you didn’t come to this one. This is all style and action over substance. If you’ve seen any revenge thriller ever made, you know the exact story beats this one follows. It has chances to do something interesting things, but instead chooses to go down some weird paths. For example, almost every time Garner’s character takes out someone responsible for her family’s death, it is done offscreen. We don’t actually get to see it. We instead just get to see her going after some of the higher up members of the cartel, which feels less satisfying. In addition, part of the movie’s premise is that our main character disappears for five years before returning to exact her revenge. It would have been interesting to at least get some sort of glimpse or montage into her training or whatever she was doing, but instead it’s just briefly mentioned and passed over.

Overall, Peppermint doesn’t try to do anything new but there is entertainment to be had with it. No need to rush out to the theater to see it, as it will do just fine as a Saturday afternoon Redbox rental. Peppermint gets a 10-4.

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