Instant Family Review- Jordan

Looking for a good family movie to see this Holiday season? Look no further than Instant Family.

Instant Family tells the story of a couple who decide to become foster parents with the hope of adopting. They soon get in over their heads after deciding to foster a teenager, who also comes with her two younger siblings.

I was not expecting Instant Family to be as good or as heartwarming as it was. While most movies like this come off cheesy and don’t earn their emotional moments, this one works on all levels. The humor mostly works and there are a lot of funny moments. Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, who play the parents, both turn in really good performances, the best for each of them in quite a while. They are a big reason the emotional moments pay off the way they do. This is one of few movies that can make you laugh a lot, but also really pull at your heartstrings at other times.

As much as the movie ends up working, I was worried after the first ten minutes or so. It gets off to a rocky start . It feels like it is trying a little too hard to be funny and the jokes in the beginning don’t land. Luckily the movie turns itself around pretty quickly. It does take a bit of the dip in the middle where it seems to drag as well. It also isn’t the most original movie ever, and a lot of the beats feel familiar. It’s easy to see what is coming next.

Overall, Instant Family is an enjoyable movie suitable for almost anyone. It’s a perfect movie for a date, or a family movie night. You don’t have to rush to the theater, but I definitely recommend giving it a watch at home when it comes out. Instant Family gets a Positive ROP.

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