Daredevil Season 3 Review- Jordan

With the recent news of Netflix cancelling Daredevil, now seems as good a time as any for my review of the 3rd season.

In the 3rd Season of the show, Matt Murdock must embrace his role as the vigilante Daredevil to again take on Wilson Fisk, who made a deal to get released from prison. Murdock must decide if he can break his own set of values to put an end to Fisk, especially when Fisk recruits a troubled, but skilled FBI agent Poindexter, who takes on the moniker Bullseye, to do his dirty work.

In my opinion, season 3 is probably the weakest of the Daredevil series so far. They really delve into the background of some of the characters, and the direction they take for most of them didn’t work for me. With several episodes just devoted to certain characters, it really slows the pace of the season down considerably. I found myself less willing to binge watch episodes to get through, just because some of the episodes were so slow. This season should have easily been 10 episodes, rather than the 13 we got. There is also so much set up for not enough payoff. Each episode left me wanting more that I never really ended up getting. The acting in some areas definitely takes a turn in the wrong direction, particularly the actor playing Foggy Nelson who seems like he could care less about his line readings at certain points. I also thought there were perfect times, given the storyline, to bring in some of the other Netflix MCU characters, particularly The Punisher. Instead it seems like it almost goes out of its way not to, settling on small references instead.

With all that said, many of the things fans have grown to love about the series are still here. The action scenes and fight choreography are still some of the best around in TV right now. The addition of Bullseye provides a good matchup for Daredevil, even if I didn’t love some of his backstory. Charlie Cox and Vincent D’ Onofrio are still perfect for their roles as Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk, respectively. Their scenes together and the action is what kept me invested in this season.

Overall, Season 3 is a step down for Daredevil. It did, however, leave me excited for a 4th season and disappointed that it does not seem like we are getting it at this time. This one is probably worth seeing if you are a fan of the show, but is by no means “must see” TV.

Daredevil season 3 gets a 10-4 from me.

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