Red Dead Redemption 2 Review- Jordan

Yep, though our main focus is movies we do still do an occasional video game review here. And with that said, it seems like a perfect time to announce Best Video Game will be a category for theĀ 2018 Golden Donut Awards. Official announcement of your full list of categories and nominees will be coming closer to the end of the year.

Singleplayer Story

This is easily one of the best singleplayer games ever. There is so much to do in this game. You can stick to the main story missions, which are abundant and for the most part a lot of fun. Or you can just enjoy the open world, riding around exploring visuals and all the wildlife. Or, you know, go out and become a true outlaw, robbing and killing a bunch of people. There are seemingly endless possibilities in this game. I’ve invested easily 30 hours into this game since its release and am only about 1/3 of the way through the story and haven’t even explored half the map. That’s absolute madness in a genre where most campaigns are over in less than 10 hours or have abandoned the singleplayer aspect entirely, but makes Red Dead 2 well worth the money. And while the biggest negative of the game is it taking forever to get to places on horseback until you unlock “fast travel”, it’s all worth is when you get into some massive old west shootouts, tearing through some bad guys with six-shooters and lever action rifles.

Singleplayer Rating- Golden Donut

Online Multiplayer

The full version of Red Dead Online had yet to be released. However, there is an active beta for players to try out. While I’ve only spent a couple hours playing this version of the game, I wasn’t impressed by what I’ve seen so far. The best part of the online are what basically amount to story missions that you partake in with other players around the world. There seems to be a lot more depth to explore in this part of the game. The other aspect of the online is the more traditional multiplayer set up in which teams of players battle it out in various game modes. I found most of these modes to be a little boring and repetitive. However, like i said, the online part is still in beta mode and I will be interested to see what is improved upon when the full version is released.

I will reserve final judgement for the online multiplayer until I can invest more time into the full version, whenever we get access to that. For now, that rating floats right at a 10-4.


Read Dead Redemption 2 seems endless. There are so many things to do that I haven’t even gotten to yet. The game offers hours and hours of entertainment and is well worth the money.

Overall rating- Worth Buying at Full Price