Mowgli Review- Jordan

Well. It’s very apparent why this movie ended up on Netflix rather than getting the originally planned theatrical release.

Mowgli is yet another “live action” retelling of The Jungle Book story. In this one, Mowgli is forced to choose between a jungle that raised him, but cast him out, and a human culture that he doesn’t quite understand.

I really enjoy the 2016 “live action” version of The Jungle Book. I like the darker tone and its take on the story. The world would have been fine with just that movie. Mowgli is unnecessary in that regard, and it doesn’t help itself with the fact that it is just not a very good movie. I can appreciate that it really goes out of its way to change many of the story elements to be its own story, but most of these changes did not really work. With the exception of Christian Bale, Andy Serkis, and Benedict Cumberbatch who all do a good job, the voice acting feels underwhelming and forgettable. I also can’t help but mention the weird looking CGI. It’s not like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull monkeys bad, but it isn’t good either. There’s some big time uncanny valley going on with it, and it gets distracting. It somehow manages to look extremely outdated, especially compared to the 2016 version and what it looks like we are getting in next year’s Lion King. But besides all of that, the movie is just flat out boring. It has enjoyable moments, but spends way too much time on certain plot points and I kept wanting it to just move on.

While I wasn’t looking forward to another Jungle Book movie, some of the trailers for Mowgli did intrigue me. However, the movie falls flat. It does some different things with the story, but spends too much time on certain plot points that don’t work as well. I recommend watching the 2016 adaptation if you haven’t seen it, rather than watching this one. It isn’t the worst movie ever, but I can’t recommend watching this one, even if it is free on Netflix.

Mowgli gets a Misdemeanor.

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