Roma Review- Jordan

My Golden Donut Awards research continues and concludes with a movie I really didn’t foresee myself liking in the slightest- Roma.

Roma spends about a year in the life of a young maid working for a well off family in Mexico. Oh, and the whole thing is in black and white and in Spanish, a language I pretty much only know how to struggle through a traffic stop in. Or cerveza. I know that word too.

Going in with all that in mind, knowing this movie probably wouldn’t be my thing, I still tried to view it as objectively as possible given the fact many are calling this the best movie of the year. And objectively, in a technical sense, they might be right. This movie is amazingly well shot and directed. Director Alfonso Cuaron has probably created his masterpiece with this film, somehow managing to make a black and white movie visually stunning. Not only that, but he is also able to pull one of the best performances of the year out of a woman who is not even a professional actress. Because of both the technical achievements and her performance, I found myself much more engaged in the story than I usually would be in a film like this, fascinated to find out how it would end up.

With all that being said, unless this sounds like a movie you would be interested in, it is not for everyone. It isn’t one you can just sit down and throw on. You have to be ready to focus on the story (and subtitles) and try and enjoy it for what it is. If you enjoy the technical aspects in how a movie is made, you’ll love this. If you are just looking for some Saturday night entertainment, you will most likely want to look elsewhere. It’s a dark , at times depressing, film that takes its time, solely focusing on its story and characters.

Overall, I encourage people to give this film a shot. It’s on Netflix and you’ll probably be able to figure out if it’s a movie for you within the first several minutes. But the film is a technical marvel and a well constructed tragedy that people should at least give  chance. Objectively, it is easily one of the best films of the year and deserves a Golden Donut.

However, I grade these movies based on how much I enjoy it. Because of that, Roma gets Positive ROP.

Following my viewing, Roma earned itself a place in several Golden Donut Award categories. Find out which ones and be sure to vote when they are released sometime this week.

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