Changes Coming to Police Entertainment Network

It’s been a little over a year since we started Police Entertainment Network and we are excited about the progress it has made so far. We’ve done some extremely popular things including Movie March Madness and the Golden Donut Awards. We’ve expanded the site’s following considerably, and even got monetized (even if it’s only a few cents per post). We are always thinking of ways to improve and change. We went from Phase 1 of the site, to Phase 2 when we added the Cops Watch Movies YouTube Channel. Over the next few days, you’ll notice some pretty big changes as we continue to expand into Phase 3. Before I detail some things to look forward to, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss any of the new content. Here are some new things coming to PEN:

Police Tips ‘N Tricks

The biggest change coming to Police Entertainment Network is the addition of an on-duty section. This will contain articles written by police officers containing tips they’ve learned on the job. The nature of the articles will vary, as well as the authors. Those that follow the site that aren’t police officers shouldn’t feel left out. There will be certain articles aimed at you that will help explain what exactly police officers do and why. Several articles in this section will be released over the next few days, and it will be added onto as often as we can.

Changes in Appearance 

With the addition of Police TNT, the look of the website is going to change in order to streamline the content and just generally make it look a little better. All articles will fall under two categories. The first is Cops Watch Movies, which is what most of the content has been to this point. All entertainment related articles, written movie reviews, top 10 lists, YouTube reviews, etc. will fall under this section. This is the section for “off duty” related content. The “on duty” related content will fall under the aforementioned Police Tips ‘N Tricks section.

Additional Cops Watch Movies Content

While much of the recent content that is movie-related has been through the YouTube channel, we understand that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The goal of the future is to add more written articles in addition to the YouTube videos. One of these additions will focus on news related speculation. For example, the first article will relate to the news that Ben Affleck is no longer going to be playing Batman, and who we think might be a good pick to replace him. Another new addition will be a weekly article to focus on some of Jordan’s favorite movie scenes. He did this very briefly several years ago but will be picking up with it again. The first of these will be a top 10 list- his top 10 favorite scenes from 2018 movies.

These are just several things to look forward to in the future of Police Entertainment Network. We have further plans in development. If any of this sounds exciting to you, be sure to like our social media pages and leave comments with what you think of these new additions. Thank you for your past and future support!