Nightlife with the Nightshift 1

Nightlife with the Nightshift is a series of articles, written mostly by Jordan- the creator of PEN. Each one will detail some things that happened in my most recent shifts. The details will be vague for obvious reasons, but it’ll give you an idea of what police officers do on a daily (or more specifically, nightly) basis. For a little background, I’m a county police officer who works from 6pm-6am and my area borders a neighboring city, which tends to make it a little more exciting.

Cups of coffee- At least 4

Donuts Eaten- 0

Friday 1/25/2019

Like most Fridays, I only work until 2am and instead of being in my normal beat, I’m assigned as an extra unit. When this happens, myself and a coworker with the same schedule ride tandem in an unmarked car to try and get in some proactive work. We made 13 traffic stops, looking for one of the three main “food groups”- drugs, guns, or wanted people. We tend to not write tickets during these stops unless a serious offense is observed. We found a little bit of weed on one stop (still illegal in my state, but we didn’t charge for it in this case) along with a legally carried gun, but other than that we were pretty unsuccessful with traffic stops. Our most successful bust of the night came from us observing a car with two subjects inside and the dome light on, sitting in a not-so-good neighborhood. As soon as we walked up to the car, we saw the driver had a lottery ticket with a crack cocaine rock on it in his lap. The subjects were detained and we found a little more crack in the car. The male subject was arrested and the paperwork took pretty much the rest of the night.

Saturday 1/26/2019

The subjects from the crack cocaine arrest gave us some super unspecific information about their dealer, so Saturday I again used an unmarked car to try and sit in the area and spot him. This plan was ruined near the beginning of the night. I had to respond to a call for service for a vehicle that had hit a wall in a parking lot. I got there and confirmed what I already expected- he was drunk. He was over three times the legal limit. That arrest and associated paperwork left very little time for anything else for the remainder of the night.

Sunday 1/27/2019

Sunday featured my most bizarre call of the weekend. A mentally ill female cut her stomach open with scissors to see her intestines. And apparently it isn’t the first time. She obviously went to the hospital. Other than that it was a relatively slow night. I made a few traffic stops, went to a few alarm calls, and one domestic. Also advised an older gentleman that it wasn’t a good idea to leave his car running, with the key in it and unlocked, when I noticed it in an apartment complex  early in the morning. That advice goes to all of you out there, unless of course you like having your car stolen. Speaking of which some other guys on my shift found a car that had been stolen the previous night, and arrested a couple juveniles who were responsible. Good work by them, but I wasn’t involved with it.