Escape from New York Remake in the Works

Several news outlets, including The Hollywood Reporter, reported this week that an Escape from New York remake is in the works with Leigh Whannell writing and possibly directing the movie. Whannell recently directed the underrated 2018 film Upgrade. Original director John Carpenter is on board as a producer. It will reportedly be a smaller movie, rather than a big budget tentpole we see in most ’80s remakes.

The original Escape from New York came out in 1981. It was set in a “futuristic” 1997 where Manhatten had been turned into a maximum security prison and saw Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken sent in to rescue the U.S. president, who crash landed in the city.

Whannell has said the new movie will take elements of the original, but will be a lot of new ideas as well. This makes sense given the fact the original movie is about as ’80s as it gets. Escape from New York never really hit with me lie most ’80s action movies did, so the idea of a remake doesn’t excite or disappoint me all that much. Whannell being on board does peek my interest some, especially given how fantastic Upgrade was.

What are your thoughts about an Escape from New York remake? Good idea, bad idea, or are you as indifferent as me? Who should play Snake Plissken? I don’t have any preferences off the top of my head, so drop a comment and let me know who would get you excited.