Best Movies Scenes: 2018

My goal is to bring back something I did briefly a couple years ago which is analyzing some of the best movie scenes. I also want to go back to doing Top 10 lists more often. This is going to be a combination of both. So here are my favorite movie scenes of 2018. This is a subjective list and you can let me know your favorites in the comments.

10. Kitchen Scene- Upgrade

Upgrade might be the most underrated movie of the year, and this action scene where our protagonist lets his implanted artificial intelligence chip take over his body for the first time makes that evident.

9. Game Night Egg Scene

There’s about 10 different scenes from Game Night I could have chosen, but I decided to choose the long take egg chase scene. It’s rare to find expert film making like this in a comedy.

8. Bear Attack- Annihilation

Looking for a perfect blend of sci-fi and horror? Look not further than this incredible scene from Annihilation.

7. Car Ride- Hereditary

I’m not even going to post the video for this one, because it’s an important scene not to spoil for those that haven’t scene the movie. If you have seen it, you know what scene I’m talking about and how well directed it is in how unexpected it is and which characters it choose to follow in the aftermath.

6. Jack-Jack vs. Raccoon- Incredibles 2

While I’m not as high on The Incredibles 2 as others, this scene is adorable, hilarious, and fantastic.

5. Moon Landing- First Man

I can’t find a video clip of this particular scene, but if you want to see it, I highly recommend just watching the whole movie because it’s fantastic. The score, the cinematography, the visual effects- it’s all perfect.

4. Bathroom Fight- Mission Impossible: Fallout

While I could have easily gone with the Helicopter Chase or the HALO jump, I personally can’t believe how great this fight scene is. In a world where most hand to hand fight scenes are poorly edited and choppy comes this little bit of greatness.

3. Live-Aid Concert- Bohemian Rhapsody

The attention of detail that went into recreating the famous live aid concert is amazing. This side by side of the real concert proves that.

2. Race- Ready Player One

Is it mostly because it’s full of nostalgia? Maybe. But I think the thrill of this race was pretty much unmatched in 2018.

1. Captain America’s Entrance- Avengers Infinity War

I can’t explain my love for this scene. There is just something about the way the action and score and story are all coming together at once that makes me just want to fist pump and clap. Nothing else last year gave me a feeling like this one.