Cop Movie March Madness Round 2

Well round one is over and it was… weird. Not only were there not one but two 16 over 1 upsets (S.W.A.T. over L.A. Confidential and Police Academy over The French Connection) but there were also two 15 over 2 upsets (Bad Boys over Fargo and Olympus Has Fallen over Traffic). There was also a 14 seed that won but that was Super Troopers and not really a surprise. It only gets harder from here with matchups like Heat vs. Super Troopers, Hot Fuzz vs. Serpico, Training Day vs. Dirty Harry, and an all Taylor Sheridan matchup between Wind River and Sicario. I have no idea where this thing is gonna end up going. Before we get to the voting for Round 2, make sure you follow us on all our social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram) so you don’t miss out on the rest of the bracket and other great Police Entertainment Network content. If you missed round 1 and want to know how the bracket was created, you can find out here. Here is the updated bracket and Round 2 voting. Voting for this round ends March 11.


This tournament has ended. See the results here.

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