Best Movie Scenes: Measuring the Gym in Hoosiers

With the NCAA Basketball Tournament starting yesterday, it seems perfect to look at a basketball movie scene this week. For that, we have a quick clip from what is arguably the best sports movie ever, Hoosiers. When the Gene Hackman coached Hickory High School makes their state tournament championship, they arrive for the game at a gym much bigger than they are used to. To help calm his team’s nerves, Hackman measures the only things in the gym that truly matter, the distance of the free throw line and the height of the basket, to show they are exactly the same as they are at home.

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This sentiment can apply to pretty much any aspect of life, including law enforcement. Whether you are just working on a fake robbery scenario in the Academy, or a real call on the street, trust in your training and instincts. Confidence will help you through anything, no matter the stage you are on. Check out the Hoosiers clip below and leave a comment with your thoughts.